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Look Younger Magazine

The Look Younger Magazine brand is available for licensing in categories that are covered by the magazine.


The Memodoo brand is available for licensing in several product categories.  

The Memodoo brand is about strengthening the enjoyment of all the typical experiences that we have as human beings in the 21st century.

The Memodoo brand is also in itself an experience. This must be reflected in Memodoo products. Memodoo products also have an innovative touch that must be reflected across product categories. They must always have a function. No gimmicks.

We want to supply a complete Memodoo toolbox that helps consumers with systemizing their memories in a way that also strengthens their identity not only to themselves but also to family, friends, co-workers and the rest of the world. Products in several product categories are an important factor in this not only because they are tools to accomplish a function but also because they themselves are tokens of memorable experiences.

The Memodoo team normally takes care of all product development. Therefore, by becoming a Memodoo licensee a business can save product development costs. 

Licenses are available to licensees in countries where the licensee has strong distribution in the licensed product category.


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